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The Mighty Stef "We want blood"

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"Dubliner Stefan Murphy, better known as The Mighty Stef, could hardly have timed the release of his latest single with any more precision. ‘We Want Blood,’ the lead track from his third album "TMS & the Baptists", dropped in mid-November, just as Europe and the markets finally called time on the government’s attempted recovery. That it was the Germans who blew the final whistle was only fitting – the album was recorded in Berlin."

"Seasoned Stefographers will be aware that his music is rarely, if ever, explicitly political so ‘We Want Blood’ (not his use of “we” rather than “I”) comes as a bit of a shock. Despite the provocative title, the song is as much a statement of helplessness and exasperation as it is a call to arms, though the line “let the scarlet red river turn our city into mud” cuts deeply. Somewhat surprisingly, given the times that we live in, ‘We Want Blood’ is the only song of its type on the album, and the remaining eight tracks are more or less what we’ve come to expect from Stef: highly personal, piercingly insightful musings on the human spirit with a solid blues-rock core." Dave Donolly

The Mighty Stef "TMS & the Baptists", released january 14, 2011 Tonetoaster/Alive