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Les Haferflocken Swingers "La Fleur Et Le Croissant"

The groove and a sound that puts you in the best mood, Les Haferflocken Swingers is a one of a kind party highlight! This underground swing band based in Berlin has gained the reputation of being where nobody expect them juggling constantly between many genre going from a swing Rock’n’Roll in the style of Louis Prima to blues, Calypso and brass band music through many other weedy musical quotes.

From the beginning, the founders of the band (Talis Mortalis and Jimmy Mohan) developed a very authentic spirit always close to the roots of jazz. They started playing with traditional tunes from New Orleans with a Berliner punk/rock feeling and developed a sound of their own.
Throughout the years the band expanded its repertoire to Klezmer and Balkan music and started incorporating more jazz elements somewhat in the vain of John Zorn in the sense that fusion has to be made organically.
Besides concerts and street performances the group has taken part in many side projects such as theatre pieces, cabaret and short films.

The dirtiest Hot Jazz Band to date born in the streets of Berlin.

Les Haferflocker Swingers "Nightbirds" released june 20, 2008 Berlin Jazz Org