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Dear Reader "Idealistic Animals" Acoustic-Version

Idealistic Animals is Dear Reader’s third album, but circumstances have changed somewhat since the release of previous record Replace Why with Funny back in 2009.
Parting ways with former producer and guitarist Darryl Tor, singer-songwriter Cherilyn MacNeil has stepped out on her own and delivered a solo record for the very first time. To facilitate this, South African born MacNeil has also swapped her Johannesburg home for Berlin where she wrote the material for this new LP.
So a change is as good as a rest they say, and it seems MacNeil returns to her craft refreshed and with a new outlook on life and, in particular, the recent abandonment of her fundamentalist Christian faith.
“I’m testing different ideas, different ways of looking at the world and humanness,” she stated in a recent interview.
This liberation finds its way onto Idealistic Animals, where she reflects on the small matter of existentialism head on. This does make for an austere and sometimes lyrically overwrought album, but that’s not to say that MacNeil has gone over the top. In among the anguish there is tenderness in her musings, and the interaction between lyrics and piano-led pop all help to keep things flowing.

Album "Idealistic Animals" (City Slang Records released august 11th 2011)