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Writing/Producing/Mixing Sunchazah's Single "Everybody's Fake" (Atlantic 2012)

Writing/Producing/Mixing score for secret agent Tipi Ling's spymovie "Episode 1"

Mixing/Coproducing Robotniks album "The Great Mistake"

Producing/Recording/Mixing The Last Tycoons EP "The Porn Trauma Years" (released march 9th 2012 Tone Toaster Records/Freeborn is Dead)

Producing/Recording/Mixing Lambshop  Super-Deluxe Album /DVD "Mr. M" (released february 20th 2012 Cityslang Records)

Writing/Producing/Mixing score for Tipi Ling's spymovie Episode "Candid Confession"

Mixing/Coproducing Four Dollar Wine Album "We Gave It A Go" (selfreleased january 20th 2012)


Producing/Recording/Mixing Smith & Burrows
(aka Tom Smith from The Editors and Andy Burrows Ex-Razorlight)
featuring acoustic versions of their Album "Funny Looking Angels" (Juke/PIAS, december 6th 2011)

Producing/Recording/Mixing The Last Tycoons  track "Cassanova Blues" for their upcoming EP (march 2012 Firstborn Is Dead)

Coproducing/Recording/Mixing The Major Pins  5-track EP "to the trees" (october 21st 2011)

Mixing the TV score for Deutsche Welle TV "Kultur 21", featuring composer Paul Hullegie. (On Air DWTV starting 14.09.2011)

Coproducing/Recording/Mixing together with Vetterton Commercial Image Soundtrack "Gabor -Unwiderstehlich". TV Spot On AIR on RTL, SAT1, VOX

Recording, Engineering together with with Arne Schumann  Acoustic Trax for the Dear Reader Album "Idealistic Animals" (City Slang Records August 11th 2011 )

Producing/Recording/Mixing Marteria Live at ColumbiaHalle, feat. The incredible
Miss Platnum, Jan Delay, Caspar, Yasha + Harris MC (Tape TV / Four Music / Sony August 24th 2011)


Recording/Mixing the Orchestral Piece  „coming“  fort the Video Artist Hajnal Nemeth at Berlins Berlins most famous „Studio Saal 3“
Mixing/Mastering of the Video Installation


Recording/Mixing Till Brönner „Live at Tempodrom“            (BamBamMusic/Universal)


Producing/Recording/Mixing Live CD/DVD „City Slang 20 Year Anniversary“
featuring Bands such as Calexico, Broken Social Scene, Tortoise, YoLaTengo, Lambchop, Menomena, Alexi Murdoch, Get well soon, Notwist

Co-Writing/Producing/Recording/Mixing Commercial/Presentation
„Skoda Automotive“


Producing/Recording/Mixing Susie’s Ashes Single „Token of Love“


Co-Producing/Recording/Mixing ANTHONY THET’s Single „Cheap Copy of a borrowing kinda man“.


Producing/Recording/Mixing Image Soundtrack „Wüstenroth“
featuring Vettertone


Producing/Recording/Mixing Sarah Connor „Secret Gig“ Album
„Real Love“ Deluxe Edition (X-Cell/Universal 2010)


Recording/Engineer Preproduction Mando Diao „MTV Unplugged“
Additional Trax Album  „Above and Beyond“ (Universal 2010)


Recording/Engineer Seeed, additional Tracks

Recording Ich+Ich Live DVD  (Universal 2010)


Recording/2. Engineer Album Till Brönner „At the End of the Day“ (BamBam/Universal 2010)


Recording/Co-Producing Peter Schilling additional Tracks Album „Neu und Live 2010“ (Edel 2010)

Co-Producing/Recording  Ich+Ich „Plaster- Echo Version“ 
featuring Adel Tawil, Gentleman, Casandra Steen, Till Brönner
(Universal 2010)


Co-Writing/Producing/Mixing Image Soundtrack „DGB-Arbeit, Solidarität, Freiheit“


Co-Producing/Recording/Mixing The Mighty Stef’s Album
„TNS and the Baptist’s“ (Tone Toaster 2011)


Co-Producing/Mixing/Recording additional Trax Jeremy Fogel
Album „Exorcism“ (Tzadik 2010)


Mixing/Recording Album Track „Just like Bukowsky“  Humanzi’s Album
„Kingdom of Ghosts“ (Firstborn Is Dead 2010)


Producing, Recording/Mixing Milow Live-Album „Live at Tempodrom“
(Universal 2009/i-tunes Live)

Co-Producing, Recording, Engineer Michael Squire Album „Your Love grows in the Sunshine“ (Reprise/Universal 2010)

Co-Producing, Recording, Engineer Eagle Boston’s Album
„Papertree“ (Kaiku 2010)


Composing, Producing, Recording/Mixing Image Sountrack
„D&B-Decide with Confidence“ and additional Tacks (CD/DVD D&B
„Transperancy“ 2009)


Co-Producing, Recording additional Tracks for Shaun Mulroony’s
Project  „Admiral Black“


Composing, Producing, Recording/Mixing Image Soundtrack
„Spaether-Wing of the Butterfly“


Composing, Producing, Recording/Mixing Image Soundtrack
„Flocke der kleine Eisbär“


Composing, Producing, Recording/Mixing Image Soundtrack „Die Greng“
Grüne Partei Luxemburgs


Recording/Mixing, Engineer Alice Cooper Single „Psycho Love“

Recording, Engineer Super 700 Album „ Love Bites“
(Edel/Motor 2009) 

Mixing Movie-Soundtrack  „Afrodeutsch“ Single „Leroy is doing it“
featuring Afrob, awarded Jugendfilmpreis für beste Filmmusik 2009


Co-Producing, Recording Image Soundtrack Audio
„Fortschritt durch Technik“


Co-Writing, Producing, Mixing Image Soundtrack Mecedes Benz „Actros“


Recording, Engineering Jennifer Rostock's Album
„Ins Offene Messer“ (Warner 2008)


Producing, Recording/Mixing, ADR, Sounddesign Cartoon Soundtrack
„Braces“ (TV /Nickelodeon)


Recording/Engineer Joe Jackson Album „Rain“
(Ryko/Warner 2007)              

Recording/Engineer Kaizers Orchestra Album „Maskinerie“
(Rough Trade 2008)


Recording/Engineer Liars    Album „Liars“
(Mute 2007)


Co-Writing, Producing, Mixing Image Soundtrack


Co-Writing, Producing, Mixing Image Soundtrack „Trumpf“


to be continued soon...