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The Berlin Band Me To My Wall releasing the first official video "Marie Antoinette".

Actors: Julia Malik, Me To My Wall
Camera: Oliver Ajkovic

The song "Marie Antoinette" was produced 2012 by  Me To My Wall and Yensin Jahn at World of Yensin.

for more information:


World of Yensin
wishes all of you a Happy New Year!
May 2013 a year of more exiting, new music productions, love and happiness, passion and fullfillment. May your dreams and hopes come true.
Come around and live your dream.

Your World of Yensin Team;)


Off for a Holiday...

World of Yensin wishes all of you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

2012 was great.

See ya all next year;)


Fabien Leseure and Cathal Mac Gabhann are mixing tracks for the upcoming EP
of the irish band Altered Hours at World of Yensin.
The band were recently invited to give their debut international performance at the renowned White Trash in Berlin.
Following the release of Downstream The Altered Hours played a number of dates across Ireland and were featured in the acclaimed Ones To Watch festival in Dublin.

"A kind of end of the world chant quality … not being short of hooks, the whole thing worked great as pop music too"
We Are Noise


Herbert Grönemeyer
is playing a secret concert at Potsdam's Metropolis Hall featuring Songs of his upcoming album "I Walk".
On his new album Herbert is singing exclusively in English. So it becomes obvious that with this album he's aiming for the american market.
This CBS-Television production is directed by Herbert's friend Anton Corbijn, who's well known for the movie "the American" (starring George Clooney) for which Herbert  has written the score. This Special Edition also features guest performances of U2's frontvoice Bono. It was very exciting and great fun indeed for Yensin Jahn to be on the team during rehearsals and recordings.
Cool beans ;)


Get Well Soon pre-releasing a 7 minute epic masterpiece "Roland, I Feel You" from their upcoming 3rd album "The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads" which will be released august 27th at City Slang Records. A not-so-serious ode written by Konstantin in honour of a certain internationally-known German director of apocalyptic movies, the song gave life to a symphony of cinematic tributes in this breathtaking video, which contains more references than a coffee table book on cinema. So don't forget to preorder the album. Now!


Back from Abroad...The Mystical Communication Service and Yensin Jahn producing a 5-track EP at World of Yensin.  Looking forward to a refreshing venture into a world of heartfelt blues, psychedelic rhythms and soaring guitars.
Back in the 1970′s numerous artists’ careers were built on amazing performances – radio format was not the standard or the rule but predominantly the exception. Mystical Communication Service is taking up this long lost thread again: It is the sound of Captain Beefheart, Soft Machine and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins again – but with a contemporary edge.


Pearl Jam is playing two shows at Berlin's O2-World.
This American Alternative Rock Band which has sold over 60 million records worldwide has outlasted many of its contemporaries in the grunge scene such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden.
When asked about Pearl Jam's legacy in a 2000 interview, E. Vedder said, "I think at some point along the way we began feeling we wanted to give people something to believe in because we all had bands that gave that to us when we needed something to believe in. That was the big challenge for us after the first record and the response to it. The goal immediately became how do we continue to be musicians and grow and survive in view of all this... The answers weren’t always easy, but I think we found a way."
World of Yensin is proud to be asked to contribute it's Protools HD3 Rig for Recording.


Apparat recording at World of Yensin.
Sascha had been working on theatrical music for Tolstoi’s “War and Peace” directed by Sebastian Hartmann featuring Heike Makatsch at Ruhrfestispiele in Recklinghausen. He was performing it live with Christoph “Mäckie” Hamann and Philipp Thimm back in May. Needles to mention that Apparat had to cancel shows in april 'cause the drummer broke his arm. From what I've heard and seen today, he's in good shape again. Now this delicate piece of electronic music is put to tape in the studio. I'm also very happy to support my longtime friend and colleague Giovanni Nicoletta.
Great Fun;)


The german band Madsen is hosting a pre-listening event for friends and followers, members of the press and staff of their record label Columbia Germany (Sony Music) and at World of Yensin.

The new album "WO ES BEGINNT" will be released august 17th 2012 . Pre-order now!

We like the album. Barbecue was great. Thanx for all ;).


Following the video-release of their latest single "Immerwieder" german top-act MIA is playing remarkable Live-Shows at Central Europe's largest  Festivals 'Rock am Ring' and 'Rock im Park' alongside a well-selected lineup including Gossip, Cypress Hill, Soundgarden, Caligola, Linkin' Park, Metallica and Deichkind. Professional tech support on Tour thruout the season by World of Yensin.


Victor Veranes aka Sunchazah and Yensin Jahn writing/producing new trax at World of Yensin. Having our heads in outerspace, doin' the moonwalk.
The space-time continuum is shaking. Let me tell you kids: it's all happening, it's all outthere ;) Bless!


Pssst. Strictly Confidential!

Yensin Jahn composing and producing the score for Secret Agents Tipi Ling's upcoming spymovie "Episode 1".  On the 7.6. it will be shown in Berlin as part of CREATE BERLIN.

Don't tell anybody!


the irish arist Robotnik aka Chris Morrin and Yensin Jahn are finishing the production of Robotnik's second album "The Great Mistake" at World of Yensin. It was great fun. The album will be released in the course of the year. Mastering was done by Rainer Kremer at Bionic Audio Düsseldorf.
First Showcases are scheduled for May 22nd in Dublin to be followed by shows in Berlin in mid june.


The Last Tycoons celebrating a 5-track EP "The Porn Trauma Years".

"Casanova Blues" was produced and mixed by Yensin Jahn at World of Yensin.


Following the Pre-Release of their Single "Fallschirm" , today MIA releasing their new Album "Tacheles".

Also: Tickets are on sale for the upcoming Tour.

See you at one of their Shows ;)


Yensin Jahn produces Vocal trax with The Drums charismatic Frontvoice Jonathan Pierce at World of Yensin.

After the release of their remarkable EP "Summertime" them Brooklyn Boys never stoped touring and now going to promote their selftitled Album.

Don't miss their show tonight at Berlin's Postbahnhof.


Yensin Jahn is going to Mix the upcoming Album of the Irish Artist Robotnik at
World of Yensin.
alias Chris Morrin is a highly challenged boy from Dublin, who's music is described in his own words "a mental adventure of pop, electronic beats and melodic musings on relationships, fantasies and twenty something-dom".

"Robotnik's upbeat tunes are brilliantly bonkers and sweet, and should be investigated immediately by all persons interested in dancing around like loons."
BBC Nothern Ireland


Yensin Jahn produces Soundtrack for Secret Agent Tipi Lings highly suspicious Espionage Video "Candid Confession"
We can see the mother of espionage, Dhalia M. talking about her experiences during WWII !

Unfortunately her spying career turned her into an alcoholic and she often times had psychotherapy.
It received "best spy clip" and 2 "Golden Spy" nominations in 1958.
Yensin wants to now compete for the 2012 spy clip award !

The Footage will be send back to Dawny Reach/UK for inspection, surely you can lip read what she is saying and gain some valuable insights.

Read more about Tippi Ling Adventures at Facebook


City Slang Records launches
Release of Lambchop's new Album "Mr. M".

Exclusive Live-DVD of Lambchop's Performance during City Slang's
20 Year's Anniversary Event in Berlin is included in the CD/DVD Deluxe-Edition.

Produced by Arne Schumann & Yensin Jahn

Mixed at World of Yensin

Order Now!


Hungarian Artist Hajnal Németh is presenting her Choir-Performance "False Confession / a Version of a Version" at Berlins "Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst". Concept and Lyrics by Hajnal Németh under use of dialogues from Miklós  Erdély's film "Version" (Hungary 1981).
The Performance is documented. Music-Production by Yensin Jahn.                             
Author: Hajnal Németh
Composer: Reinhard Hoffmann
Assistant: Annette Wiegand

Tobias Müller-Kopp (baritone) as Kálmán Péczely, court clerk
Christian Miebach (tenor) as Móric Scharf, crown witness
Singers from the Heilig-Kreuz-Chor, Kreuzberg as the psyche

Introduction: Zoltan Labas


The performance is based on an actual historical event and the dialogue of a film referring to it: Between 1882 and 1883 the blood libel and show trial of Tiszaeszlár took place in Hungary. Today known as the “Tiszaeszlár Affair “, its fame was spread across Europe, greatly influencing the later developments of antisemitism in Hungary.

The film “Verzió” (1981) by Miklós Erdély refers to this case, especially the inculcation of the testimony upon the 14-year-old crown witness Moritz Scharf. The boy stated that the Jews killed a girl in order to use her blood at the approaching Passover.

The lyrics for the songs in the performance are based on original and rephrased fragments of the film’s dialogues. The structure of the performance follows the method of secret inculcation and forced learning: mastering the false testimony; the validation of a lie on the level of testimony; the course of the fictitious conception through the psyche, its registration by external and internal forces, its development into conviction, its ultimate and fatal proclamation.


Yensin Jahn produces String Section Recordings for the Irish Composer Brian Crosby's movie score "January" at World of Yensin.


Four Dollar Wine releasing their debut album "We Gave It A Go"

Four Dollar Wine recorded half of their debut album, “We Gave It A Go” in Berlin and the other half in Brooklyn. Just like the album, Four Dollar Wine resides in both Brooklyn and Berlin. Thimo Sander, the guitarist behind the sound lives in Berlin and Scott Solary, the deep voice over the music, lives in Brooklyn (mostly). As one might expect from such a cultural mix, Four Dollar Wine’s music doesn’t fit squarely in any one genre. Solary and Sander layer simple lyrics with rich musical arrangements to produce a unique, yet somehow familiar sound. Building on elements of americana and indie rock based in traditional country sounds, Four Dollar Wine will mix well with The National, AA Bondy, Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan and the Avett Brothers as well as the traditional sounds of Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.

Please visit their site to hear some songs, download the full-length digital download:

You will also recieve a 12-page, full-color digital book with lyrics and photos.

You're also able to listen to Four Dollar Wine on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify and just about every other online outlet you listen to and purchase music.

In the meantime:
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter:
Watch them on YouTube:

Kat Gade


Since the release of their debut EP "To The Trees" in late 2011 The Major Pin's charismatic frontvoice Kat Gade continues to write new tracks for their upcoming album.

Their latest Hitsingle "Jungle of Light" is currently produced at World of Yensin.

Great Fun! More to hear soon!



Arne Schumann and Yensin Jahn producing exclusive Live-DVD "Material" for
Lambchop's upcomming Album "Mr. M" to be released Feb. 20th at City Slang Records.

Download the album track "If Not I'll Just Die" for free!

Don't forget: Preorder Now!


Happy New Year!
2012 is gonna be great fun.
World of Yensin is looking forward to upcoming releases of even more exciting, great Music. The Last Tycoons EP " Porn Trauma Years", Four Dollar Wine's Album "We Gave It A Go" and Lambshops Album "Mr. M" going to see the light of earth within the next Month. We have plenty of reasons to continue celebrating thruout the year.

Four Dollar Wine


Four Dollar Wine are launching Pre-Release for their upcoming debut-album "We Gave It A Go" today. The complete album will be released on 20th of january 2012 and can be pre-ordered now.
The musical project is described in the artists own words:

"We are Thimo Sander and Scott Solary. Thimo lives in Berlin. Scott lives in Brooklyn. We get together and make music like this. Cheers."

3 Trax mixed at World of Yensin, all mastered by Rainer Kremer at Bionic Audio/Düsseldorf.

Smith & Burrows


Smith & Burrows

(aka Tom Smith from The Editors and Andy Burrows from I Am Arrows/We Are Scientists/Razorlight)
Private Gig Performance, recorded Nov 24th in Berlin is released by Juke/PIAS today.
The material includes acoustic versions of original songs from both Tom and Andy like their christmas anthem ‘Funny Looking Angels’ and 'When The Thames Froze",
but also features a selection of covers such as Yazoo’s ‘Only You’, Black’s ‘Wonderful Life'.

Produced/Recorded/Mixed by World of Yensin

Check out a preview of 'This Ain't New Jersey'



CITY SLANG RECORDS launches sensational Xmas celebration marathon across Europe - first up, Berlin/Lido!

The bearer of glad tidings from Dan Mangan, Nada Surf's Matthew Caws, Dear Reader's Cherilyn MacNeil & Caoimhe Mc Allister in duet, plus a special guest all the way from Tennessee (Lambshop's Kurt Wagener)  were teaming up for a great show with their jingliest bells on ever.

Most charming show of the year! Thank you Cityslang! Thank you Christof!



Feeling Christmassy yet?
Tom Smith from The Editors and
Andy Burrows from Razorlight will put you in the mood, as they team up for a private Gig in Berlin as Smith & Burrows to perform their seasonal anthem "Funny Looking Angels".

The show will be recorded by Yensin Jahn.
Also on board: Tigersound.


Christian Bader recording Jazzanova at Saal4.

Cassanova Blue


The Last Tycoons producing the track "Cassanova Blues" for their upcoming EP with Yensin Jahn at Funkhaus Berlin.


AVID launches Livesound-Event at Funkhaus Berlin in Cooperation with Adamson, Audio Technica und Lab.gruppen. Live-Sound specialist Robb Allan, engineer of international Top-Acts such as Coldplay, Manic Street Preachers, Richard Ashcroft, Massive Attack, introducing Venue Profile and SC 48 Consoles in connection with Protools. Supported by Yensin Jahn;)

Alin Coen Band

       Alin Coen Band
producing new tracks for their
       upcoming album at studio H1.
       Most of you know Alin Coen and her fellow
       bandmates Jan Frisch, Philip Martin and
       Fabian Stevens since this years Bundesvision
       Song Contest.
       The band is produced by the skilled producer team
       Markus Abendroth and Peter Thomas.
       The album release is scheduled for 2012.
       We like!!!

The Major Pins


The Major Pins shoot the Video for their upcoming single at Funkhaus Berlin.

"Robots" will be released shortly on their 5-track EP "to the trees"


GrandHotelPictures producing Air Berlin X-mas special at studio H1


Giovanni Nicoletta finishes Mastering for Major Pins 5 Track EP.

Many Thanx, Bro!!!! 


Mixing the TV score for Deutsche Welle TV "Kultur 21", featuring composer Paul Hullegie.


Ich+Ich ich play the final Show of their Summer Open Air-Tour "Gute Reise 2011" at IFA Berlin.

Guano Apes


Guano Apes producing the Video for their upcoming Single "This Time"
at Funkhaus Berlin, supported by World of Yensin.


World of Yensin finishing Mixes for the Commercial Image Soundtrack "Gabor-Unwiderstehlich" in Cooperation with Vetterton. TV Spot On AIR on RTL, SAT1, VOX



Marteria releases their Live-DVD from this years show at C-Halle. Broadcasted by Tape TV. Produced by World of Yensin


Mixes for the Major Pins 5-track EP are finished. More to hear soon.

Dear Reader


Dear Reader release their new Album "Idealistic Animals" at City Slang Records, feat. the Hitsingle "Monkey-You can go home now".


World of Yensin is Recording/Mixing Japanse Teenage Superstars GACKT "YELLOW FRIED CHICKEN" during their European Tour Live at Berlins Huxley's. I was completely lost in translation. Great Band. Great Show. Great Japanese Catering.


Start Mixing MARTERIA’s Live Material, recorded May 6th in Columbiahalle. „...Tick, Tack, Zeit ist knapp, Du hast Stress weil die Uhr Dir Beine macht“ Coole Scheisse, Berlin!“


Recording Overdubs for the upcoming MAJOR PINs – Album @World of Yensin, featuring Colm Ruthledge (Humanzi, Mighty Stef, Susies Ashes) on Guitar.


Arne Schumann finishes Mix and Mastering for last weeks DEAR READER Recording-Session @ World of Yensin. Hot stuff!

Giovanni Nicoletta


Giovanni Nicoletta
finishes Mastering for ANTHONY THET’s Hitsingle
„ Cheap Copy of a borrowing kinda man“.
Produced @ World of Yensin.
Mission accomplished  ;) Thanx, Giovanni. 


Recording Overdubs,  DEAR READER  toping themselves once again. World of Yensin says: „ Thank You, Ladies“.  It was great fun.

03. 07. 2011

Currently Recording/Engineering with my dear friend and Producer Arne Schumann at World of Yensin the City Slang signed Band Dear Reader featuring the incredible female Performing Artist/Songwriter Cherilyn Macneil, the wonderful Caoimhe Mc Allister  on Harp as well as Calexicos most wanted Martin Wenk as special operation task force. Arne achieved (in his own words) his best Piano Sound ever.

26. 06. 2011

 just performed ass-kicking Live-Show in front of 100000 People at this years Vienna Donau-Insel-Festival. Support Milow. Well done, Adel!

Also: Best Artist-Catering this year, so far.

22.06. 2011 

Start of Mixing Session for Marteria feat. cool special Guest-Perfomances of Miss Platnum, Jan Delay, Yasha, Caspar and Harris. Live-Show was recorded in May/2011 at Columbiahalle Berlin. I like!!!!

06. 06. 2011

Starting intense Producing/Mixing Session with the Major Pins, feat. the talented Newcomer Artist Katarina Gade. Strong Performance and Arranging/Songwriting. Love it. More to hear soon.

Biennale Arte in Venice

01. 06. 2011

June  2nd 2011 opens the 54th Biennale Arte in Venice. Make shure to visit Hungarian Pavillion in the Gardini di Castello at 06:15 p.m. Opening address by Prof. Dr. Hubertus von Ameluxen, President of University of Art Braunschweig, Welcoming speech by Hungarian State Secretary of Culture Géza Szöcs, and Naional Commissioner Gábor Gulyás, Director of Mücsarnok Kunsthalle, all to praise the very cool Hungarian Video Artist Hajnal Nemeth feat. her Video Installation Crash-Passive Interview. World of Yensin did Record, Mix and Master some oft the  complex Soundinstallation.
Please check it out.